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Lindsay & Lang support organisations to create working environments where leaders recognise that their people are their greatest strength.


By aligning our development, wellbeing and communication expertise, we focus on Whole Person Management to develop positive cultures through an engaged workforce, improving business performance.


As an employee focused consultancy, Lindsay & Lang genuinely want to help you and your people.  We do this through our fully integrated development, wellbeing and communication programmes that enhance personal and business performance. We also support organisations with flexible, stand-alone services, all of which can be tailored to suit specific requirements.



Personal and professional development for you, your team and your leaders is crucial for business success.


Our development programmes not only help your people become more self-aware, but we also focus on supporting you to build a real sense of direction, confidence and clarity, all of which eases decision making.  Investing in people development unlocks hidden potential, improves emotional intelligence and cultivates talent.


Lindsay & Lang provide the following development programmes:

  • Lumina Psychometric Programme (Spark, Emotion, Leader)
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Unconscious Bias
  • Wellbeing & Resilience
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Manager as Mediator
  • Successful Performance Conversations



Wellbeing in the workplace is a combination of the physical, psychological, social and relationship aspects of employees’ working lives. A culture that supports this is essential for people to thrive and low levels of wellbeing have been linked to poor management.


Promoting wellbeing in the workplace need not be expensive or resource heavy. There are simple steps employers can take to improve their employees’ wellbeing.


Mental health at work is a vital component of wellbeing and employers have a duty of care for employees. Fostering a company culture in which there is an awareness of mental health issues and where employees feel comfortable having open conversations about their wellbeing is imperative.


Lindsay & Lang deliver the following Wellbeing training and support services:

  • Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health (SQA Level 4 SCQF)
  • First Aid for Mental Health (SQA Level 5 SCQF)
  • Leading First Aid for Mental Health (SQA Level 6 SCQF)
  • Leaders/Managers Awareness of Mental Health (standard or bespoke)
  • Awareness of Mental Health (Lunch and Learn)
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace (workshop)



Communication, when aligned with wellbeing and development, is the most effective way to enable your people to prosper personally, professionally and emotionally. Leaders set the tone for a company’s culture, therefore open, two-way communication is essential for building trust and integrity as well as facilitating employee engagement.

Lindsay & Lang have expertise delivering the following communication services:


  • Communicating Mental Health in the Workplace (internal campaign)
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Communication ‘Health Check’
  • Internal Communication Campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Employee Engagement Events

First Aid for Mental Health in the Workplace Training

2020 training dates to be announced shortly.

By combining Fiona’s communication and employee engagement experience along with Louise’s expertise in HR and leadership development, Lindsay & Lang are passionate about delivering tailored Whole Person Management support services which have one thing in common - ‘Conversations with impact’. Conversations that support positive cultures, an engaged workforce and improved business results.


Practical, collaborative

& structured


A highly motivated, organised and adaptable communications professional who delivers results in a timely manner to a high standard and with great integrity. With a collaborative and creative working style, Fiona brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from working within both the public and private sectors for over 27 years.


Fiona has a passion for developing and implementing integrated internal communications strategies, and a wealth of experience delivering complex change and engagement projects. Fiona studied Business Management and Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Robert Gordon University and Internal Communications at Cranfield University. Fiona is also a First Aid for Mental Health Instructor.


Reliable, collaborative

& logical


With over 25 years in Human Resources, Louise gets a great sense of fulfillment from influencing, finding pragmatic solutions, and making a difference to individuals, teams and leadership through strong professional relationships.


Louise has a passion for coaching and supporting her own and others’ personal and professional development, complementing her skills and competencies whilst enriching her professional capabilities and life.


Louise is a degree qualified Human Resources Management professional, Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, Lumina Learning Practitioner, First Aid for Mental Health Instructor, and Workplace Mediator.

Conversations with impact


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